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Indoor sound systems – what to bear in mind

Help with planning audio for your event

A few useful tips around planning the sound system that you’ll need – from Jeff Pallett, Managing Director of SES Technical.

When specifying a sound system for your event you’ll need to consider these three questions:-

  1. What size is the venue?
  2. What is the number of people attending?
  3. What type of event is it – will speech only be featured, or will music also be required?

The rule of thumb regarding audio systems

An approximate guide can be 500w per 100 people if they’re not spread out too much. This will suffice for speech and a little background music.

If you’re wanting something with more music, content then double the wattage and probably add sub bass speakers to get a nice round sound – especially for awards dinners for example.

Sound quality is always crucial whatever the type of event, which is why your sound engineer will be so important.