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Sound & lighting setups – safety considerations

Safety with small scale installations

The single most important consideration in any project of this type is safety. But it’s not just the fitting of the equipment that needs to be considered…

From the moment the installation team arrive, to five years down the line when the sound, lighting or audio visual system has a layer of dust on it. It may be located in the roof space where it can’t be reached or observed.

When the installation has been completed

A number of key procedures should alway be observed, such as:-

  • All speakers (wall or flown), should have a secondary fixing – normally in the form of a steel cable able to take the sheer force of it dropping off the wall.
  • All lights should have a safety cable connecting the lantern to the bar above.
  • Most projectors can be secured for security reasons to stop theft, but not many have secondary fixing points. If the item in question is at risk of being hit by balls or other objects (i a sports hall for example), then a cage is advised.