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Stage lighting for schools – keeping it simple and cost effective

Impressive but very easy to use – why Stagg stage lighting is proving to be so popular in schools

Schools productions and presentations benefit hugely from impressive lighting rigs. Removing complication without sacrificing functionality is a vitally important consideration according to SES Technical’s Managing Director Jeff Pallett.

Lighting systems need to be affordable for schools according to Jeff – but that doesn’t mean that they want to sacrifice the ability to impress the audience.

“The problem often encountered when specifying lighting systems for schools is that they are just too complicated to operate” he observed, when highlighting the fact that school staff are not, after all, professional lighting technicians.

Mr Pallett indicated that this was one of the main reasons why SES Technical frequently specify and install Stagg stage lights. He referred to a recent installation at Eyres Monsell Primary School in Leicester.

“The new system provided the school with a far greater range of capabilities than they had ever managed to attain before – and yet the new system was far easier to use. And being far more frugal with electricity usage, it has helped them cut their electricity bills.”

Stage lighting for schools

Stagg have highlighted the attraction of the range for schools, describing the Zoom Profile Spots, Zoom Wash and fixed lens Spot 200. “They offer affordable stage lighting solutions for schools as they are not filled with technology beyond the application.”

Ease of use

Schools are increasingly switching to LED stage lighting that looks and functions like their old stage lighting while reducing their energy and lantern consumable consumptions. Fiddling with gels and bulbs is no longer necessary.

The Zoom and Fixed Lens stage lights require just a simple controller – and with their 2 channel dimming, offer a fade option which mimics a tungsten light bulb.

The stage lights offer 2 colour temperatures and are now available as RGBW versions.

This means that customers don’t need to climb ladders to change gels or bulbs, and can be set up to cover the stage without access issues.

The outputs of the lights are equivalent to a HPL750 or 1kW Tungsten lamp making them an easy alternative.

Stagg describe it as a modern “swap-out”.

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