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Awards dinner set, sound and lighting

  • Awards dinner set, sound and lighting
  • Awards dinner set, sound and lighting
  • Awards dinner set, sound and lighting
  • Event sound and audio visual equipment
  • About the Project

    Dinner and awards show

    The day of the event included load in, rigging, rehearsals, the show itself and a de-rig.

    A 10’ x 7.6’ rear projection screen in an aluminium truss surround. Foamex graphics and stretch lycra sails were front lit with state-of-the-art LED lighting which contrasted nicely against the black drape, as well as giving the set a three dimensional quality. A sleek aluminium lectern provided a focal point for the presenter. The stage was 8.5 x 2.5m x 300mm high with one set of steps and a wheelchair ramp, all carpeted in bright orange.

    Unobtrusive lectern microphones provided vocal reinforcement whilst our high quality RCF P.A. system ensured complete sound coverage for the room. This consisted of four 10” full range speakers, two 12” full range speakers and two 18” sub cabinets to add extra impact to the music. The 31 band graphic equaliser ensured that there was no feedback from the microphones and the custom built rack unit allowed MP3, minidisk and CD playback.

    Two lighting stands at the back of the room each loaded with two profile lanterns gave excellent presenter spotlight and stage wash. Ceiling colour and stars came from a combination of generic theatre lanterns and LED lighting. “Intelligent fixtures” that could be programmed and moved in real time during the show brought an extra dimension of colour and movement to the room.

    Audio Visual
    Two powerful show specification laptops ran presentations which formed the core of the awards show. This was combined with DVD playback and also a free roaming broadcast quality camera that caught the excitement as the winners made their way to the stage. Two smart 42” plasmas ensured that no matter were people were sat they wouldn’t miss out on the action.

    Three technicians transported the equipment in two vans the evening before the show ready for an early load in. Two local crew joined the main rig team and the whole show was setup in around 7 hours. The event was operated by a sound engineer, lighting operator, AV technician and cameraman.