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Discrete sound system for Grade II listed hotel

  • Discrete sound system for Grade II listed hotel
  • Discrete sound system for Grade II listed hotel
  • Discrete sound system for Grade II listed hotel
  • Discrete sound system for Grade II listed hotel
  • Five Arrows Hotel sound system installation
  • About the Project

    Five Arrows Hotel installation to be heard and not seen!

    The installation of a comprehensive sound system needed to be carried out with care and respect for this prestigious Grade II listed building.

    The Five Arrows Hotel and restaurant stands near the gates of Waddesdon Manor in Aylesbury. The sound system needed to be highly discrete, whilst at the same time providing a highly controllable and high quality flow of sound around the hotel. Everything visible needed to reflect the particular ambience of the Grade II listed building.

    All speakers were discrete, with cabling being completely hidden. The main controls were located in the cellar, with separate area remote control being accessible in the reception area.

    The sound system specification

    A combination of

    • QSC amplifiers
    • Cloud zone mixers
    • MASK white discreet speakers

    were specified and installed.

    About the Five Arrows Hotel

    The Five Arrows Hotel and restaurant is a Grade II listed building, located at the gates of the Manor and is built on the site of an old coaching inn. Its name is derived from the Rothschild family emblem of a shield surmounted by five arrows, pointing upward and tied with a ribbon. Each of the arrows represents one of the five sons of Mayer Amschel Rothschild, founder of the Rothschild dynasty, who were sent by their father to establish banking houses in the five financial capitals of Europe – Frankfurt, Vienna, Paris, Naples and London.

    Z4MK3 4 Zone Mixer installed by SES Technical

    The Z4MK3 (above) is the latest version of the ever popular Z Series of Cloud Zoner Mixers, and was effectively deployed as part of the project. The latest upgrade includes RJ45 connectors for much easer wiring of the NEW LM-2 or LM-2A Active Facility Input Plates along with changes to the Mic Input Sockets from XLR to Phoenix style connectors.

    8 inch high SPL two-way loudspeaker installed by SES Technical in AylesburyThe MASK8 (above) is a robust 8” high SPL two-way loudspeaker for low impedance installations. This unique and innovative design loudspeaker used in conjunction with a subwoofer will deliver high intelligibility and vocal perfection! The curved fine metal grille together with its timeless shape gives MASK8 a different, yet inconspicuous look.


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