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Stage lighting system solves problems for Leicester primary school

  • Stage lighting system solves problems for Leicester primary school
  • Stage lighting system solves problems for Leicester primary school
  • Fresnel 200W lights for school stage installation
  • About the Project

    Ease of use – and lower electricity bills for Eyres Monsell Primary School

    School performances were previously hampered by the old lighting system drawing so much power that electricity cut outs caused frequent problems for the Leicestershire based school.

    The new DMX LED lighting system that was specified and installed by SES Technical solved the problem, reduced power use significantly – and provided an easy to use yet highly capable system.

    A far more efficient lighting system proved to be a very effective solution for  Eyres Monsell Primary. The new system provided the school with a far greater range of capabilities than they had ever managed to attain before – and yet the new system was far easier to use. And being far more frugal with electricity usage, it overcame the most fundamental problem.

    Features of the school’s stage lighting system

    1. Ten Stagg SLI Kingpar 1-0 lights were installed. Each of the 21 x 3W units features seven separate RGB lights – enabling any combination of colour washes to be achieved without the old-fashioned and awkward necessity for coloured gels.
    2. Four Stagg Fresnel 200W LED lights, like the Kingpars, use comparatively little electricity. These produce a wide, soft edged beam of light, which are perhaps most ofter employed to provide light to the back of the stage and illumination from above.
    3. Two Zoom profile 200 LED spotlights, also by Stagg completed the array.

    About DMX lighting

    Interactive Technologies define DMX lighting functionality as follows:-

    “A wide variety of lighting control consoles, controllers and other devices that output DMX signals can be used to connect to an even greater variety of lighting fixtures and accessories that can be controlled by DMX.  DMX controlled lighting systems are used in many professional settings, including concert lighting, stage lighting, studio lighting, theme park attractions, and much more.” 

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